The Picture that Got This Started

The picture above is what got Preston McSwain and his family to start this blog.  It is from the same beach that is in the header for the Clean Up Oceans website.

It was taken after just one higher than normal tide.  Trash was every few feet.

Preston and his children able to fill up a large garbage can bag in just a few mins. and thought,   “We can do better!”

Please remember that what you put in the water, does not go away!

It either ends up on a beach, or much worse, damaging marine life and the eco-system.


Preston McSwain can be found during the day working as the Managing Partner and Founder at Fiduciary Wealth Partners.  To see more of his posts about his day job, investments, and on issues such as clean oceans, and education, connect with him through the following social media links:


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