Lovely Walk Spoiled

Balloons - Preston McSwain

The family is again fortunate enough to be spending time at our place on Martha’s Vineyard.  When we are here, I go on walks most every morning along a lovely stretch of beach on the South side of the island.  On-island, most people call this South Beach.  It has historically been pristine.

This year, however, I am having many a walk spoiled.

Most every morning I see pictures like the one below, which is an unfortunate collection that took me only 30 minutes to collect along a small area on South Beach.  If this is happening on Martha’s Vineyard, what do beaches look like that are closer to highly populated areas?

Please consider doing your part.

First, pick up any trash that you create when going to the beach.  Leave no trace behind.

Next, don’t just walk past something that has washed-up.  Take just a little time to pick up balloons, etc. that you find (more on this some day – balloons are a top item that I find – they do not create a happy birthday for the sea).

Every little act helps keep our oceans clean!


Preston McSwain can be found during the day working as the Managing Partner and Founder at Fiduciary Wealth Partners.  To see more of his posts about his day job, investments, and on issues such as clean oceans, and education, connect with him through the following social media links:


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