Will Martha’s Vineyard Join Nantucket?

Before my friends on Martha’s Vineyard (MV) think I am crazy to suggest that MV will join archrival Nantucket (ACK), I am not talking about a merger or the end to fun rivalry between the two islands.

What I am hoping is that our Summer getaway, MV, will join ACK and ban balloons.


It is not that I am against fun and joy at social gatherings.  It is that I am pro clean oceans.

Helium filled balloons often float away and ultimately land in the ocean.  They are one of the top forms of pollution on our beaches and harm many sea creatures.

Today, we are finally having a lovely warm Spring day in New England, and my mind is starting to drift to thoughts of nice long walks on the beach this Summer.

I hope MV will join ACK and take action to limit or ban balloons (see our previous Nantucket Bans Balloons post) , so I that I am not able to take pictures like I did last Summer (see below).


Stay tuned and get ready local officials on MV.  You will be hearing from me soon.

For more on how balloons harm our oceans, click on the below picture and see posts on the Balloons Blow website.  They don’t hold back and have been successful in getting many communities and companies to stop releasing balloons at events.

Balloons Blow


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