George Is Curious – What Will It Take to Ban Balloons?

Curious George

A lovable cartoon figure and book that many children (including mine) love.

What is not so lovely, however, is a washed up Curious George balloon on a beach.  The picture on the left was taken early this morning on South Beach on Martha’s Vineyard.  George was the first balloon I found.

Being curious like George you might ask, “but what is the real harm in a party balloon on the beach?”

Well, as is pictured on the right, plenty.

Only a few yards away from where I found Curious George, was a sad example.

A dead bird wrapped in the string of an old, washed out helium balloon.

Unfortunately, if you think this sight is uncommon, you would be wrong.

If you do a Google search (click on the search link below), you will find that balloons are a major cause of death for birds and marine animals.

Google + Balloons + Harm + Wildlife

As I have written before, we are not against party favor fun (see prior Clean Up Oceans Posts) but, if more people knew about what often happened when balloons float away, would more take action and ban helium filled balloons?

I think so.

Curious as to how you you help?

Click on the links to Google +, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest or Twitter at the bottom of this post and spread the word.  Encourage your community to ban helium balloons and all balloon releases.

Help clean up oceans, protect the environment and save birds and marine life.

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