Balloon Update – Time For MV To Step Up?

At the end of the Summer, my family was fortunate to be able to spend many weekends on Martha’s Vineyeard (MV).  The weather was wonderful this year and we enjoyed great moments together on the beach.

Unfortunately, however, we again found many balloons in the sand and dunes.

When I tell people that we pick up trash on the beach, I typically ask them what they think is the most common from of beach trash.  Many say plastic bottles, which is indeed a problem.  By far though, the most common form of beach and ocean pollution we find is balloons.  Most people are surprised, but more and more are starting to realize that this is a major problem.

Below are just a few Summer 2016 pictures from South Beach on MV.  On one day in particular, in less than a 30 minute walk along South Beach we picked up over 20 balloons!

Balloons on MV found by Preston McSwain

Balloons found by Preston McSwain on a short beach walk

In a previous post, we threw down something of a challenge for MV to join its fellow island, Nantucket (ACK), and ban balloons.

For more information on the bold action that ACK took, which we hope that MV will follow, please click the links below to our original post and another follow-up piece we published earlier this year.

“Nantucket Bans Balloons to Protect the Ocean”

“Will Martha’s Vineyard Join Nantucket?”

Please consider passing this blog and the others along to your friends and local officials.

With simple legislation similar to what was passed in ACK, we can make a real difference.

If you are not connected to MV, but love the beach or care about the health of our oceans, encourage your community to take action as well.  Towns along Long Island Sound, Maine, Block Island, other coastal towns in Massachusetts, how about it (more information can be found here)

We will post additional information on the problems being caused by balloons soon, so stay tuned.

Help us make a difference and keep Clean[ing] Up Oceans!


For more on Clean Up Oceans and links to organizations that you can support, please click the following or contact Preston McSwain directly.

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