Look Closely and Help Make a Difference

Summer is back, but the plastic never left.

This weekend, we arrived on Martha’s Vineyard and I went for my first walk of the season on South Beach.  At first glance, the beach was totally unspoiled. When I looked closely, however, as usual plastic and balloons were found every few feet (see the picture above).

If you Google plastic in the ocean, you will find many disturbing pictures of trash washed up on beaches in other parts of the world (see below – for the full story click here, or the image).

You might think, “this is horrible”, but then say, “I’m glad this doesn’t impact me.”

Unfortunately, if you feel this way, you are wrong.

As we often post, this is not a third world problem. It is our collective global problem that washes up on the pristine million dollar beaches of Martha’s Vineyard and even in front of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach (see below – I took this picture less than 100 yards alway from the Mar-a-Lago beach, which would have looked this way as well if it hadn’t been cleaned that morning).

Many who read this are blessed to be able to come to lovely places and enjoy time on the water boating or on the beach.  When you do, don’t look the other way and walk by when you see plastic or balloons.

As we posted last time, “Don’t stand idly by.”

Take a little time to help out.  Pick up just one or two things.

If we all did, the small actions of many would make a big impact and help us Clean Up Oceans!

For more on Clean Up Oceans and links to organizations that you can support, please click the following or contact Preston McSwain directly.

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