Why – Clean Oceans

Does anyone remember the ad from the 70s with the Native American man crying due to the state of the environment?

Unfortunately, whales, sea otters, dolphins and other sea creatures cannot make public service announcements and cry on camera.  If they could, however, we are sure they would be sobbing.

The cover picture of this site is what a beach looked like earlier this year.  In our first blog is a picture of how the same beach looked only a few days  few days later after a high tide.  We can do better to keep our oceans clean.

After a morning walk on a beach, that found Preston McSwain picking up trash every few feet, his kids encouraged him to post a picture of the trash on Twitter.  It got a few positive responses from clean ocean supporters (please see our Help page) and the next thing they knew, the McSwain family fingers were setting up the clean up oceans site and blog.

Since then, we have started a lobbying campaign to get Martha’s Vineyard to ban helium filling balloons.  In addition, Clean Up Oceans has been been profiled by the news website IRIS and helped make an impact on the America’s Cup balloon release policy.

Every small action can make a difference.

Please help us spread the word and keep our oceans clean for many generations to come.

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