FWP are the initials of firm that Preston McSwain founded, Fiduciary Wealth Partners, which fully supports Clean Up Oceans with time and treasure.

FWP was founded to form partnerships clients, professional colleagues, and their community as investment fiduciaries.  Like Clean Up Oceans.com, the firm is fully committed to giving back and making lasting positive impacts.

As it relates to this site, we hope all will be good fiduciaries of our Oceans.

Additional information on the mission and culture of FWP can be found by visiting the firm’s Values website page.

Fiduciary Wealth Partners was founded to form partnerships with our clients, our professional colleagues, and our community, all of whom we think of as partners.

We believe what matters the most is how we treat people.  As a part of this, we are committed to giving back to our community.

Other environmentally focused organizations that FWP supports are the following:


Ocean Conservancy

Sailors for the Sea

Nature Conservancy

A full list of their community involvement can be found on their Community page.

If you have ideas about causes that FWP or Clean Up Oceans should support, please let us know by contacting our founder, Preston McSwain.  His contact information is listed below.

Preston McSwain

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