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McSwain Family

Preston McSwain with his family, Susan, Jack and Meghan (SJM)

SJM are the key drivers behind this site.  They are the initials for Preston McSwain’s family, Susan, Jack and Meghan.

This site was set up after a walk on a beach found the McSwain family picking up trash every few steps on a beach on Martha’s Vineyard.  In previous years, the beach had been relatively trash free.

J & M gave Preston no choice but to start Clean Up Oceans.  After a walk on the beach where they found trash every few feet they said, “Daddy, please do something to help protect the little sea otters and whales from the trash.”  A picture from that walk and first blog post can be found by clicking the following:

Lovely Walk Spoiled

The mission of Clean Up Oceans is to spread the word on the importance of clean oceans and the organizations that support ocean sustainability (see our Help tab).

Every small action makes an impact.

Do your part to make sure that the ocean can be a special place for many for many years to come!

Additional thoughts by Preston McSwain and his family on how to make an impact and give back can also be found at Provoking Posts, which is their other website focuses on ideas that can hopefully make an impact.

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