Clean Up Oceans


One of our first blogs on Clean Up Oceans was about at then 19 year old,¬†Boyan Slat (see Innovative Idea post). We were excited about the possibilities that we first learned about in the below video (please take time for quick look – it is truly amazing). Now, less than a year after our first post, we are pleased to learn¬†that this amazing idea has been funded and is scheduled to be… Read More

In my search for innovative ideas to clean the ocean, I have not found many that are getting more traction than a project developed by a 19 year old, Boyan Slat. Below are two YouTube videos on his efforts (many more exist). It proves that we can all be creative and help make difference. What ideas do you have to keep our oceans clean? Do your part today!   Preston McSwain can… Read More

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