Clean Up Oceans


In the new Spider-Man Homecoming movie, our spidey hero turns off the “Instant Kill” mode on his suit because he wants to stop harm, not add to it. Unfortunately, however, Spider-Man balloons inspired by the film are now blowing into our oceans and their webs of plastic and string are likely to actually kill. The picture featured in this post was taken this morning on a Martha’s Vineyard beach.  Ironically, our family… Read More

This week a prominent New England community finally heard the message and banned balloons to protect the ocean and marine life. Bravo Nantucket!! According to a story in the Boston Globe, Scott Leonard, director of operations at the Nantucket Marine Mammal Conservation Program, worked on the proposal for two years. Nantucket Passes Ban on Helium Balloons – Boston Globe, April 8th, 2015 As Leonard said in the article, stray balloons may seem like they’ve… Read More

Balloons - Preston McSwain

The family is again fortunate enough to be spending time at our place on Martha’s Vineyard.  When we are here, I go on walks most every morning along a lovely stretch of beach on the South side of the island.  On-island, most people call this South Beach.  It has historically been pristine. This year, however, I am having many a walk spoiled. Most every morning I see pictures like the one below, which… Read More

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