Clean Up Oceans


Let’s talk some serious trash.  And, no I am not talkin’ about talkin’ bad, I am talkin’ about doing good. The ocean is key to the health of our planet and trash is one of the ocean’s greatest threats.. Help me in supporting “Talking Trash & Taking Action“, which is an educational partnership between the Ocean Conservancy and the NOAA Marine Debris Program. I will write more about this over the next… Read More

Before my friends on Martha’s Vineyard (MV) think I am crazy to suggest that MV will join archrival Nantucket (ACK), I am not talking about a merger or the end to fun rivalry between the two islands. What I am hoping is that our Summer getaway, MV, will join ACK and ban balloons. Why? It is not that I am against fun and joy at social gatherings.  It is that I am… Read More

In my search for innovative ideas to clean the ocean, I have not found many that are getting more traction than a project developed by a 19 year old, Boyan Slat. Below are two YouTube videos on his efforts (many more exist). It proves that we can all be creative and help make difference. What ideas do you have to keep our oceans clean? Do your part today!   Preston McSwain can… Read More

The picture above is what got Preston McSwain and his family to start this blog.  It is from the same beach that is in the header for the Clean Up Oceans website. It was taken after just one higher than normal tide.  Trash was every few feet. Preston and his children able to fill up a large garbage can bag in just a few mins. and thought,   “We can do better!”… Read More

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