Clean Up Oceans


At the end of the Summer, my family was fortunate to be able to spend many weekends on Martha’s Vineyeard (MV).  The weather was wonderful this year and we enjoyed great moments together on the beach. Unfortunately, however, we again found many balloons in the sand and dunes. When I tell people that we pick up trash on the beach, I typically ask them what they think is the most common from… Read More

Curious George A lovable cartoon figure and book that many children (including mine) love. What is not so lovely, however, is a washed up Curious George balloon on a beach.  The picture on the left was taken early this morning on South Beach on Martha’s Vineyard.  George was the first balloon I found. Being curious like George you might ask, “but what is the real harm in a party balloon on the… Read More

We are fortunate to be back on Martha’s Vineyard and, as I do most mornings on the island, I took the dog for an early morning walk on South Beach in Edgartown. The top picture was my initial view this morning at the start.  Just lovely. Unfortunately, as I looked more closely, I found a familiar sight. Balloons. The pictures on the bottom row were also taken this morning on the same… Read More

Before my friends on Martha’s Vineyard (MV) think I am crazy to suggest that MV will join archrival Nantucket (ACK), I am not talking about a merger or the end to fun rivalry between the two islands. What I am hoping is that our Summer getaway, MV, will join ACK and ban balloons. Why? It is not that I am against fun and joy at social gatherings.  It is that I am… Read More

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