Clean Up Oceans


  I will keep this short and just encourage everyone to look the slope of the increase in plastic in our oceans and the decline of fish populations around the world. Don’t sit idly by. Stand-up and be heard about the importance of the health of global fisheries.    

At the end of the Summer, my family was fortunate to be able to spend many weekends on Martha’s Vineyeard (MV).  The weather was wonderful this year and we enjoyed great moments together on the beach. Unfortunately, however, we again found many balloons in the sand and dunes. When I tell people that we pick up trash on the beach, I typically ask them what they think is the most common from… Read More

We are very happy today to be supporting World Oceans Day. Please help us spread the world about the importance of Clean Oceans! You can learn more at the following: World Oceans Day World Ocean Day Events   Preston McSwain can be found during the day working as the Managing Partner and Founder at Fiduciary Wealth Partners.  To see more of his posts about his day job, investments, and on issues such as… Read More

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