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We are very happy today to be supporting World Oceans Day. Please help us spread the world about the importance of Clean Oceans! You can learn more at the following: World Oceans Day World Ocean Day Events   Preston McSwain can be found during the day working as the Managing Partner and Founder at Fiduciary Wealth Partners.  To see more of his posts about his day job, investments, and on issues such as… Read More

This morning on my walk with our little dog Sparky, I found myself picking up a few pieces of trash along the side of the street.  Why people litter when driving by a neighborhood I will never figure out. I got home and what did I find? My wife reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss to my little girl.  For those who don’t know The Lorax, like many of Dr. Seuss’s books,… Read More

Balloons - Preston McSwain

The family is again fortunate enough to be spending time at our place on Martha’s Vineyard.  When we are here, I go on walks most every morning along a lovely stretch of beach on the South side of the island.  On-island, most people call this South Beach.  It has historically been pristine. This year, however, I am having many a walk spoiled. Most every morning I see pictures like the one below, which… Read More

In my search for innovative ideas to clean the ocean, I have not found many that are getting more traction than a project developed by a 19 year old, Boyan Slat. Below are two YouTube videos on his efforts (many more exist). It proves that we can all be creative and help make difference. What ideas do you have to keep our oceans clean? Do your part today!   Preston McSwain can… Read More

The picture above is what got Preston McSwain and his family to start this blog.  It is from the same beach that is in the header for the Clean Up Oceans website. It was taken after just one higher than normal tide.  Trash was every few feet. Preston and his children able to fill up a large garbage can bag in just a few mins. and thought,   “We can do better!”… Read More

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