Clean Up Oceans


Summer is back, but the plastic never left. This weekend, we arrived on Martha’s Vineyard and I went for my first walk of the season on South Beach.  At first glance, the beach was totally unspoiled. When I looked closely, however, as usual plastic and balloons were found every few feet (see the picture above). If you Google plastic in the ocean, you will find many disturbing pictures of trash washed up… Read More

On MLK day remember….  

What type of thumbprint or impact do you want to leave on your family, community or even the world? During my day job as an investment advisor, this is one of the first questions I ask new clients before we ever start to talk about stocks, bonds, or the multitude of investment funds and strategies that are available from Wall Street. For those of you who follow my Fiduciary Wealth Partners blog, or some… Read More

Balloons - Preston McSwain

The family is again fortunate enough to be spending time at our place on Martha’s Vineyard.  When we are here, I go on walks most every morning along a lovely stretch of beach on the South side of the island.  On-island, most people call this South Beach.  It has historically been pristine. This year, however, I am having many a walk spoiled. Most every morning I see pictures like the one below, which… Read More

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